Knee Immobilizers and Knee Splints

Deluxe knee immobilizer by Donjoy

Donjoy Deluxe
Knee Immobilizer

Basic knee immolizer: available in 5 lengths

Basic Knee Immobizer
by Donjoy

Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer by Donjoy

Tri-Panel by DonJoy
Knee Immobilizer

Knee-ranger universal hinged knee brace

Post-operative immobilizer
with 7.5 incremental settings

Gait Lock knee splint by Donjoy

Gait Lock Splint
rheumatoid arthritis

Maxi Knee splint

Maxi Knee Splint
Available in 3 lengths

Universal foam knee splint

Universal Foam Splint
for exact positioning

Super knee splint

Super Knee Splint
Sturdy and Comfortable

Deluxe knee splint

Deluxe knee splint
flannelette construction

Basic  knee splint

Basic knee splint
Easy on/off

3-panel knee splint for easy adjustment

3-panel knee splint
Easy adjustment

Compression knee dressing for full compression of the knee

Compression knee dressing
for full compression

TROM (Total Range of Motion) knee brace by Donjoy

TROM (Total Range of Motion
 Knee brace by Donjoy

This knee brace can lock instantly from 0 to 90 degrees in 10 degree increments and offers a variety of flexion and extension capabilities.


Call for Wholesale prices on quantities of 4 or more.