Palumbo knee braces and knee supports

Palumbo Patella Stabilizing Brace

Palumbo Patella Stabilizer
The Palumbo Patella Stabilizing Brace creates a dynamic, medially displacing force to the patella and allows functional activity while providing stability throughout the full range of knee motion. Reduces patello chondromalacia and arthritis by dissipation of forces.

Palumbo Arthroscopic Knee Wrap

Palumbo Arthroscopic Knee Wrap
The Palumbo Arthroscopic Knee Wrap is designed for compression, and support.

  • Ideal after arthrosopic surgery for post operative compression, support, and later for rehabilitation.

  • Also effective for sprains, strains and arthritis.

Premium Patella Stabiling Brace by Palumbo

Premium for the serious athlete

  • aids in the diagnosis and treatment of patellar instability and patellofemoral pain.
  • permits delay or avoidance or surgery.
  • reduces pain in painful patella syndrome.
  • prevents subluxation and dislocation of the patella.

Palumbo knee sleeve

Palumbo Knee Sleeve
The Palumbo Knee Sleeve is indicated for the conservative treatment of minor knee problems. The patellar opening with buttress relieves pressure on the patella and stabilizes minor tracking problems. The sleeve provides heat and compression in the treatment of effusion, arthritis, strains and post-op knee problems.



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